Australian Open 2017 Tickets

Australian Open Tennis 2017 Tickets

Looking to travel to Australia and planning to watch the Australian Open but don’t know where to buy the Australian Open tickets from? Here’s a lowdown on how to do just that.

Australian open 20172016 started out as a great year for tennis, as the top 10 in men’s and women’s half saw new entrants. While Novak Djokovic lost his streak of winning the Wimbledon, Serena Williams captured her first Slam since last her last year’s feat at the SW19. The emerging stars are getting more chances to give the experienced ones a run for their money, and it is a feat which not many want to miss.

However, getting tickets to witness the action live can sure be a hassle at times. Considering that, we decided to prepare an easy guide for you to get the tickets for major events. In this article, we will show you how you can obtain the 2017 Australian Open tickets easily, so that when the slots do open, you don’t miss out on watching your favorite players live. If none of the below methods work, purchase tickets online on

The tickets for the event can be found on their official site. Tickets are usually sold as single session tickets or multi-session tickets.

A single session ticket would entail you a seat for a specific session – either day or night. The tickets can be bought specifically for Rod Laver Arena or Margaret Court Arena. While buying above tickets in either of the mentioned courts also gives access to Show Courts and Hisense Arena, they don’t reserve seats in the other court. For example, buying a single session ticket in Rod Laver Arena will not give you access to Margaret Court and vice versa.

However, a Ground Pass can be obtained which can be then upgraded to either of the two courts on the match day, depending on your choice.

A multi-session ticket is essentially a discount offer on buying single session tickets in bulk. It means that buying a multi session ticket will land you a reserved seat in all the sessions of the tournament, in the choice of your court.

The sessions are split into First Week, Middle Weekend, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Finals. Buying them would give you access to all the sessions for a specific number of days. However, keep in mind that you must choose either day or night session. For instance, if you choose to buy multi-session ticket for Semifinals, you will have to choose between day or night match.

Ticketek is their official ticketing partner. Tickets can be bought either from their site, or from their agencies. Information for official tour packages can also be found here.

Well, if nothing else works, and there’s some chance it won’t as with everything else in life, then the best option to go for is to try out a secondary site like Viagogo. Viagogo is basically a secondary market-place where people are allowed to buy and sell their tickets from sports events around the world, and Australian Open tickets are available immediately after they are released and bought by fans from the official means.

Two points to note; one, the tickets are costlier than their actual price, so you might want to consider that. And secondly, it’s not officially sanctioned by the Australian Open authorities, and while there haven’t been reports of patrons not allowed inside because the tickets were bought from a secondary ticket sale site, it’s worth noting anyway.

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