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Premier Futsal league India starts from July 15 2016

Premier Futsal tickets

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Links to tickets for premier futsal is placed here. Following the success of I-League and Indian Super League in the country, football fans are set to witness yet another extravaganza, starting from next month. Futsal, which is a popular variant of soccer, is now set to be put into a league format, formally known as Premier Futsal.

The league has been given accreditation by the international governing body – Asociacion Mundial de Futsal. To give it some traction and popularity, Portuguese legend Luis Figo has been appointed as the president of the league who launched the Premier Futsal League 2016 in India. And if this wasn’t enough, the star of Indian cricket Virat Kohli is going to be the brand ambassador of the league. Tickets are available on MeraEvents.

The format of the game is standardized – five players a side, 20 minutes a half. There will be eight franchises competing in the Futsal League, start from July 15th and ending on July 24th. Each franchise will have 13 players, which will be comprising of five domestic lads, seven international players and a marquee player.

Premier Futsal Teams

The eight premier futsal teams will be represented by the following cities Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Goa, Kochi and Mumbai. More than 50 fustal players from 21 nations will be participating in this league, bringing in some quality action and mind boggling skills to entertain the fans. Premier Futsal football league players are placed below.

Team Head Coach Squad
Chennai 5s Ney Pereira Falcao (Marquee), Espindola (GK), Vampeta Pula, Hemni, Manel Rion, Sean, Faraz Abdul Azzez, Yash Younus Pasha, Rohit Suresh (GK), Anupam
Bengaluru 5s Juan Jose Bernal Cierre Paul Scholes (Marquee), Elias (GK), Romulo, Maxi, Easy Man, Nabil, Anatoliy, Zaib, Anto Rushith S, Jonathan, Abhishek R (GK), Sathya Kumar
Mumbai 5s Felice Mastropierro Ryan Giggs (Marquee), Luis Amado (GK), Foglia, Angellot, Kevin, Federico Perez, Pablo, Sai Nikhil, Jo Paul Bence (GK), Mohammed Ahtesham Ali, Shubham Mane, Chanpreet
Kochi 5s Segio Sapo Michel Salgado (Marquee), Casalone (GK), Neto, Chaguinha, Deives Moraes, Gekabert, Emil, Muhammed Ameer, Basil, Yashwant Kumar (GK), Ansh, Stalin Daniel
Kolkata 5s Christian Roldan Hernan Crespo (Marquee), Cidao (GK), Saad, Gabriel, Cirilo, Majdoub, Dida, Mohammed Islam, Amit Pal (GK), Subrata Dey, Pradeep Shaw, Akshay Nair
Goa 5s Octavio Gomes De Oliveira Junior Ronaldinho (Marquee), Bebe (GK), Camilo, Vander Carioca, Burrito, Georgievsky, Adonias, Michael Silva, Fredsan Marshall, Caitano, Vatsal (GK), Praveendran

Two times UEFA Champions League winner and former FC Chelsea and FC Barcelona midfielder Deco has been brought on board to add some shine to the league. In addition to him, Alessandro Rosa Vieira, popularly dubbed as Pele of Futsal, has also been signed for the league. Nicknamed Falcao, he was given the title of being the World’s Best Futsal Player by FIFA during 2004 and 2008 FIFA Futsal World Cup.

Other prospective players include former Germany skipper Michael Ballack and the Ukraine striker Andriy Shevchenko.

The squad is has been finalized wherein the Indian talent will be picked in the country through rigorous scouting and selection, while the international players were signed depending on their profiles. The Sony Group has obtained the broadcasting rights, which means you will be able to catch the tournament on SONY ESPN and SONY SIX Live. Information around the Premier Futsal League tickets are placed above.

Premier Futsal Schedule 2016

Date Matches Venue
15-Jul Chennai vs Mumbai and Goa vs Kolkata Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai
16-Jul Mumbai vs Kochi and Kolkata vs Bengaluru Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai
17-Jul Bengaluru vs Goa and Kochi vs Chennai Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai
19-Jul Kolkata vs Goa and Mumbai vs Chennai Peddem Sports Complex, Goa
20-Jul Bengaluru vs Kolkata and Kochi vs Mumbai Peddem Sports Complex, Goa
21-Jul Goa vs Bengaluru and Chennai vs Kochi Peddem Sports Complex, Goa
23-Jul Semi Final 1 and 2 Peddem Sports Complex, Goa
24-Jul Final Peddem Sports Complex, Goa

Premier Futsal Anthem Video – Virat Kohli & AR Rahman

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