Wimbledon 2017 Tickets, Public Ticket Ballot & Dates

Wimbledon Championships 2017 Tickets

wimbledon tickets 2017The 2016 Wimbledon marked the return of Andy Murray back to the winner’s lounge at Wimbledon, alongside with a great tournament for the British players. Moreover, with Roger Federer promising to come back to SW19 next season as well, there is already a surge of excitement in the fans about the 2017 edition. For those passionate supporters who are considering visiting the tournament, we have compiled this easy guide for you to get your hands on 2017 Wimbledon tickets. If none of the below methods work, purchase tickets online on Viagogo.com.

Dates: The 2017 Wimbledon will be played from 3rd of July to 17th of July, 2017.

How to get tickets for Wimbledon 2017

1. Ballot for Wimbledon tickets

This is undoubtedly the oldest and the most popular way to get the tickets. This is in practice since 1924 and entails the random selection of a person for the ticket with the help of computer. It is important to remember that entering the ballot does not guarantee a ticket; it simply gives them a chance to be a part of the draw for the tickets.

While the details for the next year are yet to be released, it generally works in a standardized manner. Tickets are sold for Centre, No.1, No. 2 and No. 3 Courts. For the residents of the UK, you need to obtain an application form for the ballot by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:

P.O. BOX 98
SW19 5AE

Once you receive the form, fill it and send it back to:

P.O. BOX 67611
SW19 9DT

Remember – the deadline to do all of it is usually 31st of December.

The ballots usually take place in the month of February and the lucky winners are immediately informed by the post. To get your Wimbledon tickets, you need to make the payment through official methods.

For the international fans, you deal with a fairly less hassle since the entire process is done online. Simply go to official page and fill in the details. If selected, you will be informed in the early months of 2017. So make sure that you have bookmarked the official overseas ballot page of the Wimbledon.

2. The Queue for the Wimbledon tickets

This option works best if you want to visit a specific match instead of hoping that your ticket from ballot showcases one of your favorite players. However, you need to work pretty hard to get your hands on these tickets. Just like the ballot, they offer the tickets for the three courts, in addition to admission to the grounds. For the last four days of the tournaments, tickets for these courts are not sold.

Tickets are sold strictly on a first come, first serve basis, and needless to mention, the queue is formed hours before the gates open. Hence, it will pay you well to get up quite early and head to the line. Once there, you will be given a card, indicating your position in the queue. A wristband will be provided to the fans standing in the front, which represents the number of tickets available for the show courts.

For convenience matters, only one Wimbledon ticket is sold per person, with only cash being the accepted method of payment.

3. Ticketmaster

If you like to gamble by waiting till very late and paying an extra bit, then Ticketmaster.co.uk may intrigue you. They usually hold a few hundred tickets of the matches on the show courts and can be bought the day before. However, they are generally sold minutes after going on sale, so you need to be really fast with a quick internet connection.

4. Wimbledon Debenture Holders

This option is specifically for those who can afford to shell out quite a few quids. Priciest among the all, debentures tickets offer an spectacular and lavish experience.

Every year, certain seats are reserved for debentures holders in Wimbledon, who can opt to sell their tickets. Buy Wimbledon debenture tickets 2017 on https://www.wimbledondebentureholders.com/buy-wimbledon-tickets which specializes in transaction of these tickets and is the official place for the debenture seats. They are offered only for Centre and No. 1 Courts, and is bound to give you the best seats in the house.

However, we must exert caution here because the price of these tickets are usually quite high and are often used by tour operators as a part of high-end tour packages.

5. Secondary sites like Viagogo.com:

Well, if nothing else works, and there’s some chance it won’t as with everything else in life, then the best option to go for is to try out a secondary site like Viagogo. Viagogo is basically a secondary market-place where people are allowed to buy and sell their tickets from sports events around the world, and Wimbledon tickets are available on it immediately after the tickets for the Ballot are distributed.

Two points to note; one, the tickets are costlier than their actual price, so you might want to consider that. And secondly, it’s not officially sanctioned by Wimbledon, and while there haven’t been reports of patrons not allowed inside because the tickets were bought from a secondary ticket sale site, it’s worth noting anyway.

Click here to book your tickets with Viagogo.com.

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